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                  SES AT A GLANCE



                  The School of Engineering Sciences (SES) aims to educate innovative elites with multidisciplinary vision, solid foundation in science and engineering, international competiveness, and leadership.

                  Goal & Vision

                  The School intends to initiating undergraduate education in engineering sciences, so as to successfully build up an International Center for Education. By constructing an innovative management system and faculty, SES will develop into an integration ofinternationalized eliteeducation and scientific research that experience higher education reform in China.

                  Students Admission

                  The school offers a 4-year-program leading to aBachelor of Engineering degree in three fields: Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, and Biomedical Engineering.  30 students are annually recruited via the National College Entrance Examination, with 10 for each major.

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